Customer Stories: WeMaintain interviews Paul Ong, Building Manager at Colliers International

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Where do you deal with WeMaintain? How essential are the lifts to the daily running?

Currently WeMaintain provide the lift maintenance service in my building, Holborn Gate, which is in Central London, and have been doing so for about six months now. We have seven lifts in total, one goods lift and six passenger lifts, which operate over nine floors including lower ground. In terms of the importance of the lifts to the daily running of the building, I’d say they are quite essential - we have a number of people with disabilities in the building so lifts are vital for them in accessing the different floors.

When considering all the daily building operations, the lifts are definitely one of the most important and also one of the most frustrating aspects from my own experience.

What was the previous situation like before WeMaintain started providing service for you?

Before WeMaintain began providing the service, there were a number of issues. Insurance defects just weren’t being completed, or they were being signed off as being completed but it was clear from the next report that they hadn’t been. Not only was this frustrating for myself and tenants of the building, but it was also a possible safety concern. The big thing for me though was that the communication just wasn’t there with previous providers. I wouldn’t know what tasks had been carried out or the current status of the lifts.

What has your experience with WeMaintain been like in comparison to other providers?

So far, I have no complaints, everything has been going really well. What I’ve found to be the biggest difference and improvement since working with WeMaintain, is the level of communication. There is a significant improvement since changing providers. I’ve also really appreciated the interactive dashboard that shows me details of all the visits, WeMaintain have really set themselves apart from other providers in this aspect.

What I’ve also really appreciated is the level of transparency in the relationship. I know that after a maintenance visit has taken place I’m guaranteed to get a worksheet, with a detailed specification, including photos, of what’s been completed.

I’d like to add it’s not just ourselves in the building who have seen a difference either, but also the people who carry out inspections and assessments on the property too. The insurance inspector noted the clear extra effort made by the engineer to close off defects.

If I ever do have any queries, our WeMaintain contract manager Mike is always very quick to respond to me, as well as our dedicated site engineer. They have all the answers ready for us at that point and there’s no need to speak to a different department or person in order to get answers - it’s that direct contact that we really appreciate.

How likely are you to recommend WeMaintain?

Extremely likely. I have already recommended them to my colleagues and other managers for the future if they are looking to roll out this kind of technology and maintenance on other properties.

From my point of view there is nothing that I can complain about since contract start, from the service to communication to having the needs of myself and my building being met. WeMaintain is so different to every company that we’ve dealt with in the past.

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