Why have we become a company with a mission?

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In December 2020, a little over 3 years after our creation, we decided to modify our by-laws, in accordance with the French Pacte law, and become a company with a mission:

Put the best of people and technology at the heart of the built environment: this is WeMaintain's mission, and it is now legally enshrined in its articles of association.

What does this change?

These few words set in stone what we have always defended and what we want to continue to promote throughout WeMaintain's growth:

  • Combining the expertise of engineers and the agility of technology, leading alongside real estate professionals in economic, digital, environmental and social transitions and, in particular, playing a key role in the advent of the intelligent building;
  • Working with employees, customers, investors and partners to carry out ambitious projects in inclusive environments that value consideration for others, determination and uniqueness.
  • Restoring technical professions to their rightful place in our societies and using technology in a positive way to enable them to be players in tomorrow's world;
  • Being a green growth company, allowing buildings and their equipment to last longer, and to be repaired rather than replaced.

This commitment has been made with our investors and partners to enable us to go further in our approach to achieve our mission.

Becoming a company with a mission legitimises our existing beliefs that together with our customers, suppliers, employees and investors, combining economic performance and social impact is not only possible, but better for the sector.

We are and remain a company. Our primary goal is to bring value to our customers, and only then can we continue to pursue our mission.

And this mission is, in short, to better support our customers.

How do we do this?

Since our creation in 2017, we have rethought the business model of the lift and escalator maintenance sector. We have worked hard to combine technology and social impact. This is a new way of thinking, which makes it possible to respond to the greatest frustrations of property owners and managers with regard to their lifts, and which provides a solution to the challenges faced in the world of real estate, particularly the need to benefit from useful data.

→ A fair model that motivates and engages all concerned

The engineers from WeMaintain are among the best paid in the market. They are fully accountable for their results.

Furthermore, each employee has a level of remuneration that corresponds to his or her skills and not to how much experience they have or what their qualifications are. In addition, 10% of the company's capital is reserved for employees, who receive BSPCEs upon arrival and are therefore personally incentivised to grow the company.

The outcome? We reduce the number of breakdowns by 3 on average in 6 months compared to the previous maintainer, and bring back transparency. 90% of our customers are ready to recommend our service.

→ Technology at the service of people, built through an inclusive approach

The real estate sector has begun its digital transition, thanks in particular to the arrival of numerous start-ups in the market. It is into this landscape that we have entered, with the ambition of accelerating the move towards the intelligent building.

Aware of the potential shortcomings of technology, and convinced that it is only useful when it is at the service of people, we have chosen to develop our own technology and adopted an inclusive approach throughout the process.

Thus, since the early days, our customers have been actively involved in our thinking, and it is they who have come up with these tools: real-time automatic reporting, dashboard, KPIs, connected objects, building optimisation tech. In the same way, it is the engineers and experts in the field who co-designed the mobile maintenance application and the connected boxes, which they use on a daily basis.

→ A green growth company

The climate emergency no longer needs to be proven. If we are doing everything possible to make buildings and their equipment last longer, maintaining repairs and limiting complete replacements, it is so we can develop a more responsible and positive economy that we believe is essential for building in the long term. It is an approach that requires us to review many processes and habits, but one that, if properly carried out, also represents considerable savings for our clients and a guarantee of return on investment.

Our desire is to be a partner, alongside our clients over the long term, in order to successfully complete the economic, digital, environmental and social transitions already underway. This is the commitment we have made.

Becoming a company with a mission is both the concrete realisation of our initial conviction and the first step towards our development globally.

A monitoring committee, made up of customers, partners and employees will soon be created. Its task will be to follow WeMaintain's evolution in the accomplishment of this mission.

We look forward to sharing the concrete actions implemented with you!

Benoit, Jade, Tristan and the entire WeMaintain team.

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