WeMaintain's FAB offer: Flexibly Adapting to your Building

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2020 has been an adjustment for us all. This year has taught us a lesson in rethinking the way we operate, and putting to practice our ability to quickly adapt to new environments.

As a second lockdown has come into effect, we’re seeing a repeat of buildings, predominantly offices, retail and hotels, emptying. At WeMaintain, we try to listen to our customers and we understand the difficulty of managing potentially reduced revenues with rent collection taking longer to collect from struggling tenants. But even during this quieter period, building maintenance must continue to take place.

So in light of this situation, and in response to our customers’ new needs, WeMaintain has created the Flexibly Adapting to your Building (FAB) contract, powered by our IoT technology. Less lift usage, resulting in fewer breakdowns and therefore fewer replacement parts, has meant we have identified some potential savings: savings that we want to pass back to our customers and their tenants to help them navigate this time when every pound counts.

The IoT

When we talk about the IoT, short for ‘Internet of Things’, we are referring to our data analysis box, developed in-house and installed on any type of lift.

Our proprietary technology is agnostic in that we can install it on any lift regardless of manufacturer or age. The IoT allows us to gather data, for example, on traffic flows and for anomaly detection, which forms the basis of our predictive maintenance approach.

How the contract works

WeMaintain always strives for transparency and simplicity, and the flexible occupancy price is no different. The actual price you pay is derived from the total contract price but with up to 30% of that total being variable based on your building occupancy level.

£ = 0.7 + 0.3 x occupancy level

To explain the above, 70% of the contract will remain a fixed price to account for the regular maintenance still carried out by the engineers, and the remaining 30% will be variable, subject to the building’s occupancy level.

Utilising our IoT, we can collect data on your current lift usage. Combined with details on your current occupancy level, we estimate typical usage and then compare this with data from our existing portfolio. This allows us to then determine the potential saving on your contract, based on our real time data (up to 30% discount).

The formula ensures that customers are only paying relative to their lift activity, therefore compensating for the current quieter period. The flexibility in the contract means that these savings are future-proofed if the coming months have new periods of lockdown in store.

Who is this offer for

The offer is suitable for customers with lifts and escalators that have seen a downturn in footfall in their facilities due to the pandemic and its associated restrictions, specifically office buildings, hotels and retail.

How long is the offer valid

As we have seen how unpredictable this pandemic has made things, we are provisionally extending this offer until the end of 2021, and potentially beyond although, like you, we hope the world will have safely returned to some sort of normality before then!

Getting in touch

For more information on this contract or for questions about eligibility, our UK Sales Manager, Jake, would be happy to discuss this further. Drop an email to jake@wemaintain.com quoting the FAB contract, or book a meeting with Jake.

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